March 8, 2015

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Pastor John Martens


Handout (PDF form):

The story behind Graham Kendriks “The Servant King”

Until the advent of Shine Jesus Shine, The Servant King was Graham’s most popular song and is still one of the top 10 songs in the CCL (Church Copyright Licence).

Written to reflect the theme for the 1984 Spring Harvest Bible teaching event, it illustrates Graham’s willingness to research a theme using concordances, commentaries and other biblical reserach tools. He found the theme very inspiring:

‘It was a challenge to explore the vision of Christ as the servant who would wash the disciples’ feet but who was also the Creator of the universe.’

The song starts from an incarnational root – ‘From heav’n you came, helpless babe’ – and progresses to one of Graham’s most poignant lines: ‘Hands that flung stars into space to cruel nails surrendered’.

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